Exchange server active sync?

Does eM client support Exchange server active sync ever time I try to set it up it defaults to IMAP/SMTP

Hi Rex, if you have an Exchange account on Exchange 2007 SP1 or later, an Exchange account should be setup automatically after using your email address and password in the account setup.
However you can also setup the Exchange account manually by switching from the automatic setup to the mail tab below and using the Exchange option, while adding a new account.

Unfortunately though we support Exchange accounts using Exchange Web Services instead of ActiveSync.

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OK thanks for that

No problem, let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.


Hi Paul, are you planning to support ActiveSync (AS) directly? I do believe there a market for it. Many corporate users do have AS for their mobile and direct VPN support with Desktop.
eM could solve their problem, so they could use they home PC with corporate email…
I mean something like TouchDown…


and I just notice TouchDown disconitnued their client for Windows :frowning:

Hi Teodor,
unfortunately ActiveSync for Exchange is not currently planned as it can’t be used due to licensing issues.

Thank you for understanding,

Thank Paul, tell the guys in Prague they should consider it… there is a market for it, as TouchDown discontinued their client for Win…
Of course the eM with EAS would not be for free, as you guys have to pay a license fee to MS:)

Please note that the ActiveSync protocol for Exchange has been designed for synchronizing Mobile (handheld) devices, full support for synchronizing your Exchange account using the Exchange web services protocol is supported in eM Client.

Thank you for understanding,

I know :slight_smile: anyway there’s a huge market for it… imagine so many corporate employees who want to manage their collaboration needs from their private PCs… as the provided corporate ones are very limited due the security policies…

Wonder why Symantec stopped supporting when they took over Nitro TouchDown

Thanks for replying anyway:)

Teodor, Exchange Sync is fully supported using the EWS protocol. Implementing ActiveSync to the desktop version of eM Client is not possible. Not due to license fees, but due to inability to use this protocol for Exchange on the desktop application.