exchange permanently syncing?

I happened to find eM Client as an alternaitve to outlook for a key functionality which the MS-software doesn’t provide: the ability to connect to 2+ exchange accounts.

So far everything works very well with 3 exchange- and one IMAP-boxes!

Except one thing that is quite disturbing:
eM Client is - to my understanding - permanently syncing the exchange folders. In the status bar at the bottom he writes: syncing of account1/folder …
This is going on and on and on.
All folders have already been fully synced and the mails in the folders are available.

Is this a normal behavior? I’ve not seen this on Outlook before.

I appreciate your help!

Best regards,

Hi, you should be able to adjust the synchronization period in Tools > Settings > General, just change the setting of “Synchronize items every X minutes”, or disable this feature completely and your data will be only synchronized when you click on “Send and Receive”.

Thank you,