Exchange Password Required


im running into an issue that after the newest update 7.2.37943.0. I am getting a prompt to enter my password for exchange. I have reentered the password, reset the password, uninstalled EmClient and reinstalled it with the same issue. I am running EmClient on a Mac running Macos 10.15.2 can someone please help.

thank you

3 days ago I wrote in an other thread:
I had the same problem recently with my (Exchange) account. I found out that you have to request an “app-password” from your Microsoft account. Go to your account, select security, go to the last box “additional security options” (or something similar - I only have the German version

BTW, where did you get version 7.2.37943.0? I can’t find it in the release history

They must have withdrawn it again, like they frequently do. This is what the Release History looked like just seconds ago:

Sorry, I am on Windows, seems to be for Mac only.

i tried creating an app password for exchange and still with the same issue. I did notice that it only happens when syncing with exchange the offline address book list