exchange option doesn't work with my provider (zoho) using activesync?

Hi Guys,
Sorry if this is a dumb post, but I have a few email accounts hosted over at for my small business. I have activesync activated on my zoho emails and this is how I access them on my mobile devices, works great and I can sync everything (on mobile).

I now have a laptop that I’m trying em client on, and wish to connect to zoho using their activesync options.

Adding a new account in em client as an exchange will not work. I’m 100 percent sure the server info is correct. It looks like em client is using EWS or something which I’m not familiar with? Is EWS different than activesync?

Can anyone clarify if I am doing something wrong?

Imap and pop unfortunately are not an option as those ports are blocked at my workplace (educational institution) due to server abuse apparently. Exchange however, works fine so I really need my emails to use activesync

Thank you for your time!

Unfortunately, eM Client does not support ActiveSync.  It used to when Microsoft accounts (e.g., Hotmail, used that protocol, but they since have gone to Exchange (EWS as opposed to EAS for ActiveSync). Since Microsoft’s migration, eM Client has discontinued that protocol.  Their stance is that they never intended to support ActiveSync outside of Microsoft accounts and the fact it worked on Zoho was an unintended and undocumented benefit.