exchange free/busy times

I set up an Exchange account, but can not see the free / busy times from the shared calendars. How can I set this up?


Hi Björn, unfortunatelly free/busy status is currently not a supported feature for Exchange accounts in eM Client.

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This limited the use with Exchange unfortunately very strong. Is this feature planned for the near future?

Hi Björn, we’re planning to include this feature in future releases of eM Client, however no exact date for the release has been set yet.
But it’s currently in development.

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Is this response still accurate? 

I see this listed as one of the features on your site:



  • Various calendar views
  • Share calendars and tasks with other people
  • Full-text search in events and tasks
  • Meeting invitations and confirmations (IMIP/ITIP)
  • Schedule meetings using free/busy

Hi, the feature is currently not yet supported for Exchange accounts, however is being developed for an upcoming release.
The list of features includes features for all available accounts, however Exchange is not yet supported, but soon.

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So, how about now?  Another Year has passed…