exchange dont work...

Hey at all,

this emclient drives me crazy! I have an Exchange 2007 Server, hosted from my webspace Provider. With Outlook it really works good, but Outlook is a piece of crap with imap accounts. So i decided to use emClient, it works a few day, but today i got this timezone shit again, the account is gone in the email list (but is there in the account list)… emClient has massive timezone fails…i reported this in beta and got a dirty fix that dont rly work…

so i cant use this software with exchange…cause it dont work.

Hi, what version of eM client are you currently using?
Are you seeing any error messages from the application?

Thank you,

Hi it is version 6.0.20320.0

i got no errors, the account disappered from the email-list. but yestery my provider migrates to exchange 2013, now the account is back and seems to work…so emclient is just not rly compatible with exchange 2007

Hi, eM client is compatible with Exchange 2007 SP1 and later versions, however the issue might have been caused by the migration maybe…

Anyways I’m glad it works, let me know if you encounter any other issues or if you have any questions about the application.

Thank you,