Exchange account setup needs server ( and domain (jwpub) to work.

I am trying to set up my Exchange account, but it needs advanced setup in order to enter the server name and domain. I cannot get eM to do this. Other email clients (MS Mail, Outlook and BlueMail) work fine, but I prefer the eM user interface and look and feel. Is there a way to do this in eM?

Rather than using the Automatic Setup, choose Mail > Exchange.

After entering your credentials it will attempt a server lookup, and if that fails, you can manually enter the data.

If it doesn’t fail, but sets up an account, you can go in afterwards and change the server data.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am aware that I can set the server via the screen you showed me. However, it is still not working. I think it may be due to my server requiring SSL/TLS security. Either that or the configuration needs the domain name. I cannot see where to configure either of these.

EWS, the protocol used to connect to the Exchange server, does support TLS. There is nothing you need to configure for that to happen.

A single Exchange server can support multiple domains. All you need is the server address and your login credentials. Try using your email address for the login name. The rest is done automatically.  

Ask the server admin for the correct server address.

Thank you. That was helpful to know. I have the correct server address. When I try to manually setup the account, I get the message “The server was found, but authentication failed. Check the email address and password.” Perhaps that tells you something? And, BTW, the same server address, account and password work on Bluemail, Outlook and Windows 10 Mail.

Exchange login issues can be where the username is used in place of the email address. If you go to Menu > Tools > Operations and look in the Log tab, there will be some error concerning the login that might be helpful.

But yes, different applications and apps work differently. Some are more forgiving where the server is not correctly configured. eM Client is particularly stubborn in this regard; if the server is misconfigured, often it just will not work. 

6:45:58 AM MailClient.Accounts.ConnectionException: Invalid host or path address.

This is the error I see in Operations.

Then the server address is incorrect. Check with the server admin what you should be using.