Exchange Account on AD Joined Machine

I am trying to create an exchange account in the eM Client 6.0.23181.0 from my computer that is joined to a domain and signed in with a domain account. The Exchange account I am trying to add is not affiliated with the domain context I am currently operating under.

I enter the email address and credentials, but it comes back saying that authentication failed. 

I turned on logging and come to discover that em Client is doing autodiscover against the exchange server associated with my domain account I am signed in to and not against the email address that I have entered in the account setup box.


Hello Scott, if you’re using domains on your server, you might have to setup the account using the manual Exchange setup, navigate to Tools > Accounts > New account, but instead of using the automatic setup, please switch to the Mail tab below and select Exchange. Using this option you can add the username or the domain name using domain/username in the username field just as you would in the online login window.

Hopefully this will allow you to setup the account with no more issues.


Thanks Paul, that is how I was creating it. I have just confirmed the same behavior with the domain/user, domain\user, user@netbiosdomain, and user@fqdndomain

It’d be nice if the Exchange setup allowed you to manually specify servers, etc - that’d solve this problem.

Are you using any security software on your computer? If so can you please try to temporarily disable the software and check if the issue persists?

Unfortunately it is not possible to specify the server address manually on Exchange account as the server settings have to be detected using Auto-discover. What version of Exchange are you using on your server?