Exchange Account gets added as IMAP/SMTP instead

I want to add an Exchange Account to eM Client, but it is added with IMAP/SMTP instead and therefore a connection can’t be created. I am using Windows 10 21H1 and eM Client 8.2.1659 (845a639). This is true for both the wizard when I (re)install eM Client and when it is installed and I try to add this eMail Account via Menu -> Accounts -> Add -> Mail -> Exchange.

How can I add an Exchange Account as Exchange Account and not with IMAP/SMTP?

Yes i recently setup my Outlook account as an Exchange setup in eM Client for Windows (without IMAP/SMTP) when Microsoft (had the recent OAuth problem) following this eM Client support article below and it worked perfectly with mail, calendar & contacts.

The only difference was that the email only checks mail every minute but that was ok with me.

Note:- It does require you use the supplied Windows automatic registry mod or manual registry modification and as the article explains if you have 2Step verification setup in your Microsoft acct you need to use your Microsoft “App Password” when setting up the exchange account in eM Client.

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You then end up with the Exchange Account as per the below screenshot examples.