Exchange 2003 Compatibility

Tried eM client after realizing latest versions of Outlook did not support Exchange Server 2003.  So far I love the email client (and even want to replace it for my Gmail use.)  However, I am having a few issues getting eM to work with Exchange 2003:

  • I used the ‘hack’ where you setup an Outlook account and then change the server details.  This seems to work but I’m noticing some varying issues.
  • While I can receive and send email through eM and exchange and they synch with our OWA and even my iPhone, it doesn’t seem to synch in other areas:
  •     When deleting emails on eM, it doesn’t synch with exchange and show those deleted emails.
  •     When I mark as read an email on eM, it doesn’t synch to show message has been read on exchange (OWA or iPhone)
  •     All the email I had flagged for follow-up seem to show flags in OWA but do not show on eM.  And flip side is that when I flag an email in eM, it doesn’t synch and show message as flagged on OWA or iPhone
  •    eM continues to try and duplicate the Junk Mail folder and returns error message
  •    Exchange calendar doesn’t synch with eM (though it synchs fine with iPhone and OWA).  If I create a calendar event on exchange, it shows on OWA or iPhone but not on eM.  However, if I create a calendar event through eM, it synchs and displays on OWA and iPhone.
    I was hoping for some help with these issues above.  I realize Exchange 2003 isn’t completely supported, but if there’s any workarounds to issues above would appreciate any help.

Hello Matt,
I am not sure what is the hack that you refer to. If you have an Exchange account, you need to set it up as such (do I understand correctly that you se it up as AirSync now?), because otherwise the EWS protocol will not be able to work correctly and cause numerous issues - some of which might be the ones you describe.