Exceeds computer screen size. Can't move or adjust size. Even in "Restore Down" the cursor wont reach the edges.

Hi Ian,

Which operating system are you on and which device ?
PC, laptop or tablet etc ?

What is your resolution ?

Can you get the Titlebar ? (topmost area where Menu shows in the left corner)
I think you can since you wrote that you restored down.

This area is fairly wide and you can drag the window down and also to the left.
Then hover over the top edge to get the double arrow and drag down to reduce the height.

When you drag the window to the left , you’ll get access to the RH side.
Again , hover over the RH edge til you get the double arrow and drag to the left to reduce the width.
Reposition the eMC window and see if it fits your screen.

There are apps to set a specific window size, but you may not have to use them.

An example snip here from an app I’ve used for ages, but can’t remember the name lol
I r-click on the eM Client Titlebar and get this in the context menu

Anyway, try the other method first.
If no luck we’ll go the other way…with another app. called Sizer.


There’s also the ‘old’ methods too.
For Windows (I have no idea about MacOS), there is ;

  1. Alt-Space to bring up the Window control menu
  2. then type S to go to Sizing setting
  3. the first arrow key then sets which border to adjust, ie. Left arrow will adjust the left edge
  4. use the arrow keys to adjust the position of the ‘selected’ edge
  5. press Enter to accept change, Esc to about change.

Hi David,

Thanks for another method, but this highly depends on the context menu
and  the version of Windows and also language settings and program/app window.
and if S was assigned to Sizing

For me, especially on a dual monitor system, the method I described worked better,

E.g.    Your method - Alt-Space brings up the menu, but S will bring up Save or Close confirmation for me.- depending on the app.

However , no harm testing this on the computer in question.

I found the method working differently on the machines I tested it on…

Still, always good to have- or know-  other ways of doing things…


… Interesting.
I would have thought that ‘Save’ would have been in the ‘File’ menu which would have been accessed by Alt-F, but as you say, subject to application configuration.
I am surprised that Alt-Space wasn’t locked out as as OS requirement, the process I suggested I have been using since Windows 3 (which was quite a while ago).