Everything is problem!

Being bored with IMAP, SMTP, data base, diagnose errors and problems I tried with a new e-mail address and an other server.

The result is BAD.

  1. I created a new e-mail
  2. I indicated all informations about IMAP and SMTP
  3. I received the test message.

I sent and received a few messages, I put one message in the trash.
I verifyed if the sent and received and trashed messages are on the server.

On eM Client in received messages there is nothing! In sent messages there is only one, the one I sent using eM Client.
The trash does’not exist!

In order to be sure I’m not completely mad I created the same new e-mail address using Thunderbird and EVERYTHING is ok. I have all the sent and received messages and the trash.

what email provider do you use? I have replied to you in different topic, but I will ask you once again - could you send me your IMAP logs? My email address is wilson@emclient.com Thank you.


George WIlson
eM Client

good news!
I changed the email provider for two address,
I discovederd some properties in the other two email providers and now it seems quite perfect.
I say “quite” because it is very recent.
Sorry for my late reply, I’m not familiar with your forum.