every restart calendar colors change automatically

Every time eM Client is restarted, the colors of my icloud calendars (my personal and those shared with me) are changed. Is this a bug? How can I prevent this?

Does anyone else have this problem? I wanted to buy the Pro version, but if I have to correct the colors every time, this is unfortunately a no-go for me. Too bad, I actually like emClient better than outlook.

I don’t have any icloud calendars but for my gmail and exchange calendars it’s fine.  Are you setting the colors up on the EMClient side?

And yes, I love EMClient a whole lot more than Outlook.  I have been using it for a while now.  Would never want to go back to Outlook.

Yes, i’m setting up the colors every time after restart on EMClient side. The colors only changed in the calendar view of EMClient, not in my icloud calendars (there and in Outlook the colors are correct). 
It is very uncomfortable because I have a lot of calendars and appointments and the colors are used for quick differentiation.

it happens to me all the time. for me it’s with Google calendars. very frustrating.

Happens to me as well on the local em client using icloud calendars with W10…

like the app but the default colors are hard to read and every time I change it reverts back on startup…Wish they would fix.

This has been fixed and the corrected behaviour will be in the 8.3 release.