Evernote integration [add-to-evernote-button]

I do realize that some people have been asking for this already. Nevertheless I am still wondering why this feature is being pushed back for more than 5 yrs now, even though customers keep asking for it every once in a while.  I’m convinced that an Evernote integration would add quite some benefit for the (according to emclients own account >1 Mio) users and give it another push as a proper alternative to Outlook. Evernote provides a well documented API, so for a seasoned developer this might propably be perfect preconditions to code some simple one-way integration, no? Please, finally consider this.

Evernote is already integrated with the new Notes section in eM Client 8.

Please see https://www.emclient.com/blog/new-year-and-new-em-client-are-coming-311

I recently heard from eM Client staff that Evernote will not be included as an option for the Notes sections as Evernote are scaling down on third party access.

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I would suggest you go back to the eM Client staff and tell them that the clients perspective on this is that if this app is truly going to replace Outlook this is a must-have!

The thing is that Evernote is withdrawing third party access, not eM Client. I would think that no matter how good the eM Client developers are, it is impossible to provide a connection to a service that does not exist. :wink:

Better would be to write to Evernote and ask them to allow third party access.

Booo but I guess I should be booing Evernote.