Events in calendar are shifted by one hour

Events are shown 1 hour earlier. I believe eM CLient shows them in  CEST.  I am located in CZ, eM Client is installed on MacOS (High Siera). Source of the calendar is Google Calendar. Mobile phone show events properly.
I haven’t found any configuration option which could be changed to fix it.

Thank you for your advice.


eM Client uses your OS time settings, so make sure those are correct as far as time zone, time and daylight savings are concerned.

I believe OS time settings is correct. I can see a correct date and time. Also when a new event is created it has a correct timestamp. There is a problem with existing events only. Apple Calendar app shows the events properly therefore I beleive this something in eM Client.

Is that Apple calendar app on the same computer as eM Client? Does it have it’s own time settings independent from the OS?

Maybe with daylight savings ending tomorrow, they will all be correct? Or did you guys change last weekend?

Did you find a solution ? I have the same problem (CalDav calendar) and even if the Sync works, all the events shift from one hour. If I use the “Fix button” on calendar Properties, it moves the events but they move back a few minutes later. 

Is there any solution? Version 8 also has the bug and is unusable.


Just for info. I completely reinstalled my Mac yesterday, as a second program I installed emclient. The same bug. But nobody answers here anymore, then they could also close the forum