Events in calendar are shifted by one hour

Events are shown 1 hour earlier. I believe eM CLient shows them in  CEST.  I am located in CZ, eM Client is installed on MacOS (High Siera). Source of the calendar is Google Calendar. Mobile phone show events properly.
I haven’t found any configuration option which could be changed to fix it.

Thank you for your advice.


eM Client uses your OS time settings, so make sure those are correct as far as time zone, time and daylight savings are concerned.

I believe OS time settings is correct. I can see a correct date and time. Also when a new event is created it has a correct timestamp. There is a problem with existing events only. Apple Calendar app shows the events properly therefore I beleive this something in eM Client.

Is that Apple calendar app on the same computer as eM Client? Does it have it’s own time settings independent from the OS?

Maybe with daylight savings ending tomorrow, they will all be correct? Or did you guys change last weekend?

Did you find a solution ? I have the same problem (CalDav calendar) and even if the Sync works, all the events shift from one hour. If I use the “Fix button” on calendar Properties, it moves the events but they move back a few minutes later. 

Is there any solution? Version 8 also has the bug and is unusable.


Just for info. I completely reinstalled my Mac yesterday, as a second program I installed emclient. The same bug. But nobody answers here anymore, then they could also close the forum

Any update on the Issue? i am having the same issue, some events showing up 1 hour after, i checked everything (local timezone/ reinstall / etc,
Starnge that when opening the event the data is OK! but when on weekly q daily view etc its 1 hour difference, Moving back to GOOGLE CALENDAR .
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Same here. In month view and the other views all events are shifted to one hour later whereas if you open the detail view, everything shows fine.

If you click on “repair”, everything is shown corrrectly even in the views but this lasts only until you restart emClient, then all dates are shifted off one hour again in the views.

This is on Mac Catalina. emClient version is 8.0.2958. All my calendars are hosted on nextcloud servers. And yes, I checked all the timezone settings (OS, Nextcloud). All other calendar clients show the correct time for all the events.


It seems to be a “Mac Only” problem. On a windows installation with the same data everything is displayed fine. So please fix this in the Mac version of the program.

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D- Saving time will be over in a few weeks, then everything will be fine again and nobody will talk about this error again until next year

There is an update, for me, now its ok, :wink:

Did this ever get fixed. I’m trying eM Client out and my calendar is an hour out also, but the other way around. Appointments booked in for 9:30 am are showing as 10:30 am? I’m on a mac and I’ve checked my location settings. They are all correct.

I also have this problem. The entries are coming from a CalDAV Server and were made by a Windows Client. The only way to solve the issue is to delete the entries and maden them new.

The time that is displayed in the calendar preview (20:00) is adjusted for your computer time zone and DST.

The time in the event details (19:00) may be in a different time zone.

I am in the same time zone as in the appointment entry (Central European Time, Berlin). Maybe this is related to daylight saving time?

I am having the same issue, where the message preview shows a calendar event 1 hour earlier than the event itself.

Please see attached screenshot.

My computer is set correctly to London, daylight savings accounted for correctly, it just seems that emclient is interpreting the information strangely.

All the message contents and the events in the calendar themselves show the correct time, it’s just where it is shown in the message preview as far as I can tell.