Events entered to Calendar disappear when I enter them

If I enter the events directly into the Google calendar, they show up, but if I enter them in eMClient, they just disappear. eMClient wants a fee to address this problem, but I don’t want to pay for something that doesn’t work, just to make it work.

This has happened before, but I don’t have the email fix, any help would be appreciated.

Try the repair option in the Google calendar within eM Client.

1). Right click your mouse on “The Calendar” under your Gmail address and click “Properties” at the bottom.

2). Then click the “Repair Tab” at the top and click “Repair”. Finally click "Ok and close and reopen eM Client and see if that fixes it.

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Thanks, Did the repair, same problem.

Next thing would suggest to backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then once backed up remove your Gmail account and re-add as new Via the automatic setup wizard in eM Client.

Normally the repair would fix any Google calendar synching issue, but you might have some underlying calendar acct issue within the database and need setting up from scratch.

Failing that, you can try updating to the latest versions of of eM Client if you don’t have it already as there has been alot of updates recently. Again make a backup before updating. eM Client version history page -

Thanks again, that seemed to fix things. I am up to date with all updates.

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