Events disapears if starting client when server offline

I was using a very old version of EmClient because of I feared regressions when updating.

So, here is the problem: if my caldav server is offline when starting EmClient 8.2.1659, all events disapears, and EmClient need to re-sync all the events, which is very time consuming.

The old version kept the events, and I do not find any option to prevent this behaviour.
Any ideas ?

My CalDav server was offline when I have launched EmClient.
Once again all event are gone. I need to close EmCLient, start server, relaunch EmClient, and take time to resync all events.

This behaviour was not present in past releases …
I am still looking for a workaround.


That is strange as normally eM Client “does normally” locally cache calendars and contacts etc using eg: IMAP . Exchange or iCloud Calendars. Upgrading eM Client really only adds alot of new features, but i wouldn’t have thought have changed how it locally caches for any type of Calendar or Contacts.

If it also used to locally cache with your Caldav server calendar & contacts when offline, then the only thing i could suggest is maybe backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then remove your Caldav Calendar & Contacts account and re-add as new and see if it then works. Might be a problem with the account in eM Client and just needs removing and re-adding.

Failing that try uninstalling eM Client and “don’t delete the database” when asked on uninstall and then reinstall the same V8.2.1659 again from the ver history page and see if that fixes it. Might be a problem when it upgraded & reinstall might fix it.

If none of that makes any differance, hopefully someone on this thread can help you.

OK, I will do that the next time. Thank for the procedure.
Precision: when calendars events are gone, it is the same for contacts.
CalDav and CardDav are hosted by the same local server.

I realize today, that a second machine with the same client 8.2.1659 as the same behaviour.
Since EmCLient was started as the server was offline, I need to resync events and contacts today.
So I think it is linked to this version. I’ll see with future update.

Despite the server is on the local network, it take a while (15 minutes) to resync a 30Mo database !

Strange that I am the only one to notice that here.

Despite the server is on the local network.

I wonder then as both installations of eM Client has this same issue, if the problem is that eM Client is really designed to work off a (Remote) server and maybe not local (Lan) server as you have whether that might be causing eM Client to loose its local Caldav calendar & Cardav contacts cache when your local Lan server is offline.

Yes be interested to know if you experience that same issue with V9 when officially released.

This is so boring and so long to resync all calendars over the internet that I have made other tests with olders version
I was using v8.2.1659. Problem is the same with v8.1.857 but not with 7.2.50008: the events do not disappears when server is offline.
With newer version, if I stop caldav server and hit the sync buton, all events disappear immediately…

I do not want to test beta 9, because it is a beta, and I think that emclient is growing with a lot of not needed features.
v7.2 is 70 Mo, v8.2 is 112 Mo !

The compared logs files show that the buggy versions add this line at the end, when trying to sync with the offline server:

GUIStatus_Exception_Reported = True


I have tested with 9.0.1229 and … Arggg … same problem as V8 !
Come back to 7 !

With newer version, if I stop caldav server and hit the sync button, all events disappear immediately

Due to this is happening at the moment & doesn’t appear newer versions of eM Client are helping as you advised above, can you not just leave your Caldav server switched “on” to avoid this issue ?

No because it is energy and hard drives saving.
My server may be not reachable for any connexion reasons … So, it is a new version client problem, not a server problem.