Events defaulting to US holidays calendar

When I create a new event for my calendar, the default calendar is Holidays in the United States. Is there a way to permanently change this to my default gmail calendar?

If you have the Holidays calendar highlighted, then creating a new event will save it there.


One option is to select the correct calendar before creating the event,


or change the calendar location in the new event window.


I think there should be a setting to designate a default calendar for new events. That’s the purpose of default settings, so that you don’t have to remember to take extra steps when you want it to work the same every time. I keep forgetting this end end up add new events in EM local folder (which I never use) and then wonder why they the event has not synced to my other (google) devices.

Yes, this is a most frustrating thing.

When you are in your Calendar section, make sure you have highlighted the Google Calendar you want to use as default in the folder list, then when you are back in your Email section, creating a new event will be created by default in that Google Calendar.

As I use the Gmail calendar 99% of the time, I leave the (Calendar) “selected / highlighted” (as the default) under my Gmail account and “deselect all other calendars” underneath. Deselecting everything else then makes your selection the default.

Then to create any other calendar event as @Gary advised above, just manually select other calendars in the drop-down when you create the events.