Events coloring in emClient Calendar?

Hi all,

Is it possible to color the events in emClient Calendar? It would be a nice feature to categorize events in this software. It’s useful for me, I use it in Google Calendar.

By default the events uses the tag, then the calendar folder color.

You will find the setting in Menu > Settings > Calendar.

Unfortunately you can’t change the color for individual events.

Will this option be available in the future (to select a color for an individual event)?

miércoles 20 julio 2022 :: 1806hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @AntonSt

I can not answer your particular question, however, to amplify @Gary information,
although it is not possible to have a different color for each event, you can
designate a color for groups of like events if this important to you, for instance:
Holiday, Medical, Finance etc., if this helps you

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