Event reminders not working in ver 9

Since installing Ver 9.1.2109 2 days ago, my calendar/Event reminders are not working.I only have 1 calendar and only use Local Folders. The fix for Ver 8(2020)
workked to fix my reminders in Ver 8,but when I checked the System Reminders in settings for Ver 9,it was already turned off.I went ahead and toggled it on and then off again,but I wont know if that fixed anything until tomorrow. I’m old, I really,REALLY need my reminders!
I’ll post tomorrow with an update.

Reminders still not working.As of 1:30PM EST I should have received 16 reminders,but I only got 3. Of the 3 I received,I see nothing in common amoung them, and the types of reminders are similar to the ones I don’t receive.

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Hi Sue,
Me too(!). I have always had reminders popup when I boot my computer in the mornings for years and years with no problem. With this new update, they have disappeared. I have to manually go to open them now using the Menu/Reminders button.

I went through literally dozens of reminders last night, checked settings locally and even rescheduled some of them (for example from 10:00am to 2:00pm) and the altered ones are now popping up when I changed their times. I waited until this morning, like you, to see if the old/original ones would popup like usual, but they did not. Hopefully we can see what’s happened and get this fixed. I rely heavily on my reminders for every aspect of my life.

Have you tried going to “Settings → General → Reminders” and playing with the settings in there? For example, uncheck the “Automatically dismiss reminders for past calendar events”?

The final fix was the one lancelot suggested, but I still had to go in and change all my events from the time I downloaded version 9.Thank you for the help,it is much appreciated!

My reminders arrive anytime after the event. I just saw a notification for an event three days ago. I especially love getting them at 2 a.m.

Elsewhere in the forum is a note that the whole calendar/notification is being reviewed.

I volunteered my old specs from WordPerfect Office days – the best calendar/diary ever, but no takers.