Event Attachments

Unable to copy an email as a separate attachment in a Calendar Event. Able to attach a file, not an email unfortunately.
eMC provides the option to Create Meeting from Message however this embeds the email into the Event body which prevents a direct reply and secondly the Header info is lost. This action is a simple cut/paste in MS Outlook so I was wondering if there any suggestions in the eMC app.

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Unfortunately that is all it does; it creates an event using the message content. It does not attach the message to the event, or even link the message to the event.

and does not link the event to the message.

No it does not. It just creates a new event using the text that is in the message.

A bit long winded, but if you really want to attach the message to the event, you can first save the message (right-click > Save As) and then add that eml as an attachment to the event. I suppose it has its uses when you are sharing the event, as a complete original message will be attached for whoever views the event.

If the from email address was saved in the event it would be possible to see contact history in the right pane contacts.

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Oh, that’s clever!

It doesn’t work at the moment if the person is an attendee, but it would be very useful if it did.

Thanks - I’ve tried the Save As .eml suggestion and that seems like the best workaround. I’m needing quick access to the original email which is directly related to any given Event. I always endeavor to avoid resorting to, or relying on searches, especially if some time ( ie months) is likely to elapse. Thanks for your assistance :slight_smile: very much appreciated.

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