...even more clunky(ness)!

Added the two desktop accounts via QR Code…both added to Android eM Client. Now, both accounts show all emails from one account…inboxes are IDENTICAL…!! I have spent more time on this than is reasonable now…won’t be recommending this to anyone soon, FAR too clunky and setup is CLEARLY massively flawed. Pity, as it looks good!

So, update, nothing worked other than adding each account individually via QR Code…this was after a long and protracted exercise in checking and re-checking passwords, server names etc…there MUST be a simpler way to do it that! Adding using all other methods failed.

sábado 30 septiembre 2023 :: 1555hrs (UTC +0100)

Hey @OldWoodsman

It appears that your comments refer to the eMC Android App, in this instance you should be aware that this is still in BETA and any comments or observations you have should be directed to: [email protected]


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Thanks, but…Beta or not, surely being able to import accounts is a singular priority?? Anyway, I found a workaround now.

Beta apps are a work in progress so may not have all functionality enabled. And definitely not all bugs will be ironed out. We make the beta app available for interested users to try, but you should not rely on it as your email app. If you want to give it a go, you are welcome to test it, but there will be issues.