Errors when loading messages with emoji

Very often, the “Operations” window appears with errors loading messages. Noticed that it is not possible to load messages in the subject of which there are emoji characters. This happens quite often. Helps you find and delete such messages from your phone. But it’s still a little annoying since the window appears quite often (With each synchronization, I understand). Can we do something about it?

It may be that the server is misconfigured, or not compatible with eM Client, because eM Client gets the subject directly from the server.

Who is your email provider?

It is not a solution, but you can disable the error window as an immediate option. =)

It looks like on the screenshot below.

I noticed another thing: they were mostly messages from the SPAM folder.
At your suggestion, I disabled the option. And the messages don’t appear anymore)
Happy New Year 2021!