errors sending emails

receiving error messages for random emails ‘not sending due to failed connection’ and ‘unexpected end of stream’.  See attached screen shots of errors and logs.
Also, cannot find these emails anywhere in my mail ie outbox/inbox/drafts.  Where/how can I recover them so that I can attempt to resend via other means???
When closing emclient I get a message per last attachment on unsent emails.  They’ve been hung up somewhere for 2 weeks +.  
I’ve reverted back to my gmail in the meanwhile, and these emails are not anywhere to be found in there either.

eM Client uses the Local Folders Outbox to store messages until they are delivered to the server. You can enable Local Folders in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders, or you can enable the Smart Folder Outbox by right-click on the Smart Folder and selecting Display > Outbox.

For the SMTP error, go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the SMTP tab. Check that it is set to port 587 and Force usage of SSL/TLS. If that does not help, disable your anti-virus application and try to send a message.

I am also not receiving emails since 24 hours ago, I don’t know how to do a screen shot but error message says it can’t connect to my email address and it may be caused by server temporarily unavailable or incorrect settings. However, I can use my ipad to send and receive emails so it’s not the email provider.
I have checked the port numbers as suggested above and the number is not 587, however, whatever it’s set to was working fine yesterday and i haven’t changed anything so don’t understand what’s going on? Is it something EM client needs to fix?

Did you change the port to 587 as I suggested?

Did you disable your anti-virus application as I suggested?

yes, I’ve changed the SMTP port to 587 and SSL TLS is on, I don’t understand why I would switch off anti virus, seems a bit risky and I don’t want to end up with more problems. 

I’m just reading your more detailed thread to someone with the same problem so will read through all the info there to save you replying here again, thanks.

If you don’t want to follow my suggestions to discover where the issue is, then that is fine. Hopefully someone else can comment further with suggestions that are favorable to you.

my SMTP tab was set correctly, but, still had the errors.  Not sure how relative it was to add local folders with the outbox, or if just pure coincidence, but, all the 6 emails that were in the holding pattern have now gone thru…some from as early as July 8.
I’m also hesitant to switch off anti virus.

the email account is set to port 587; no anti-virus on; deleted the account and set it up again…email name displays in the accounts but emails/folders won’t load.

Are you getting any errors peggyb52? Look in Menu > Tools > Operations.

Operations tab: There are no operations in progress.
Errors tab: There are no errors.
Log:  Indicates only the email I can see folders for.

Any ideas why I can’t see the second email account?  I use it for my business and will have to look for another email client if i can’t get it resolved.  

If you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, can you see both accounts listed on the left?


Click on the General tab and scroll down to Services. Are both IMAP and SMTP ticked?


Can you please take a screenshot of your IMAP settings and send it to me?

So it appears that there are three email accounts setup on a Free License. The limit is two, so the third will not be active. If you want to use more than two, you will need to purchase a Pro License.