Error with account

Thanks for your suggestion. I just launched eMC again and it synced with no error yet. I’ll test the password tip later if error re-appears. This is probably short-lived. Will update later.

Also, I closed out of Windows Mail App prior to running eMC - not sure if that affects things. You’re right about having to ‘seize the bull by the horn’ and test things out one by one to see what the underlying issue is.

It’s a long shot but it might just be the Mail app causing some sort of conflict. It’s most odd that the mail app works consistently during those times that emClient is not working. It may be triggering someting on the exchange server side. Probably not but does no harm to test that scenario. Closing out the Windows Mail App will likely not be enough to stop it communicating with hte exchange server as it will be running in the background and doing regular checks for new mail etc even when you don’t think it is running. It would be a good idea to remove the account from the Mail App to be sure that it is not having any interraction with the servers. You can always re-add it when you have finished.

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Update 1/9/22: It only worked for a couple of days. The error is back once more. I tried to change the password for my Outlook account - that’s also a no go. I also tested it by downloading an app called Mailspring and it returned a similar error as well when I tried to add Outlook:

connect mailcore::IMAPSession:0039F9FC

    ssl connect 993 2
    OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 1.1.0f 25 May 2017
    1 OK CAPABILITY completed.
    connect ok
    2 LOGIN “” *********
    2 OK LOGIN completed.
    3 OK CAPABILITY completed.
    4 BAD User is authenticated but not connected.
    fetch namespace failed

Any other tips would be welcomed. I’m determined to get this to work again at some point. Thanks. The Mail app is the only one that works.

It looks like it is a problem with Microsoft as @Gary and @cyberzork have said. My steps were little extra’s that might have helped. Shame they didn’t but I also firmly belive (finally) that it is a Microsoft email server issue and the only people who can fix that are Microsoft. The only thing that emClient could do is somehow code around the error in emClient. This must be somehow possible if the Windows Mail app works but I can’t see emClient developers doing that as they would end up having to do little “workarounds” for all sorts of services/servers and it would become unmaintainable. Given that this is pretty widespread for microsoft accounts and Microsoft accounts are very common I would be surprised if they had not already looked into the possiblity of doing this and concluded that it was not possible. That is wild speculation of course and the only people who could comment on that would be an employee of emClient.

Sorry its not better news.

Given that the chances of them fixing it are a little above “zero” - I would seriously consider changing over to another provider like Gmail

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Thanks for the feedback. It’s much appreciated. eMC connected again this morning when I logged in to my computer. So one thing we do know for sure now is that this issue is ‘intermittent’ - before it could not connect at all but now it seems to be sporadic - it’ll operate normal for a day or two and then the error reappears again. So its behavior is wild indeed. There must be some underlying cause. My account doesn’t appear to be corrupt in any way. I can access it fine via the Outlook app for Android on my phone and of course the Windows Mail App. Let’s see how long it will last this time before it goes bad again.

I do have a Gmail account has my secondary (backup) email address but everyone I know has my Outlook address, so at this point it makes sense just to keep Outlook as my primary.

I did see some chatter on the google-interweb about some mail clients being too communicative and that making Exchange “barf” with this specific error. Purely speculation but…

One thing that has never really been explained in a satisfactory way is how some apps/programs manage to work flawlessley on your account while others (e.g. emClient) are so “flakey”. Maybe its down to emClient talking too much to the server in too short a period and the server saying “noooo - I can’t cope”. Maybe … emClient will know but if they do they are not letting on. emClient is doing something different to the Mail app - the mail app is working consitently - emClient is not. If I were a developer at emClient I for sure would be wanting to know why regardless if it is caused by a shortcoming in Exchange. I would want my mail app to exceed the performance of the Microsoft Mail app at the very least (as that bar is not very high let’s be honest :slight_smile: the Microsoft mail app is not the best for sure) but in this specific case it trumps emClient as it is working reliably for you. That would embarrass me if I were a developer at emClient but I guess they have thicker skin that me :slight_smile:

The problem is the both MS and Google can change their specs to make it hard for “outsiders” like thunderbird or emclient to work well with their systems. Then, they can take months to fix their problem. It is not going to be possible for any external client to imagine all the possible problems either of those companies could dream up. When you get free email, you sell your soul.

I’d suggest using Runbox or Mailbox as email providers and pay a little for their service of running an email service and not selling your information or advertising to you. Instead, their business model depends on working with others, rather than benefiting by not working with others.

I don’t disagree :slight_smile: It is “odd” that it only works reliably with one email program (Microsoft Mail) for @beamer138 I suspect it will also work flawlessley with Outlook (part of Office 365 / Office 2019) also. It’s very telling that it is easier for Microsoft to “dick around” with the end user clients to make a broken Exchange system work reliably (if that is the truth of the matter).

It’s been a week and eMC still working and connecting with my Outlook account. I went in the eMC settings and changed the frequency of the syncing from every 5 minutes to every 20 minutes and it has been behaving well. This is even with the Mail app running in the background (not opened). Crossing my fingers here that I won’t jinx this!

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I went in the eMC settings and changed the frequency of the syncing from every 5 minutes to every 20 minutes and it has been behaving well

Great that your Outlook is working ok atm. Hope it stays working :slightly_smiling_face:

I personally allways set eM Client to synchronize every 10 mins as alot of mail servers are a bit fussy if mail clients connect to much (or are too chatty as they say), particularly with multiple clients accessing the same mailbox account at the same time like with eg: Mob apps and Desktop apps etc.

Looks like that speculation might have been right then :slight_smile:

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