Error with Gmail

eM Client seems to be reading the mail, but when I created a message to send it kept telling me my credentials were incorrect.

Then, reading my emails with my browser, I get this message from Google “Someone just tried to sign in to your Google Account from an app that doesn’t meet modern security standards.” What does that mean? How do I fix it. Is there a fix to it?

Its your settings in your Gmail account, use the browser to change the settings. Log into your account first and go to this link

Wow. I didn’t know they had such a thing. I suppose what I should ask now is, should I change that setting or wait until Em Client catches up? Will they be making changes to the program to meet those standards?

Thanks for your information.

Hi Charles,
which version of eM Client are you running? (please check Help > About section)
From Google’s point of view, any application that has your credentials and sends them to Google is, by definition of its behavior, less secure (most Mail clients were marked as less secure for this reason).
They implemented OAuth protocol to handle this instead, where instead of letting the app use your credentials, a browser window will pop up and you authenticate the app to Google.
eM Client has enabled this, so if you have the latest release, try re-adding your account, maybe. If you have an older release, please go to Help > Check for Update and install the newest version.

Best regards,

Thank, I have only just starting using eM Client. For that reason it is brand new. Though I will check the version.

I do remember the pop up window when I set it up. Actually, right after I set it up it seemed to work just fine. I sent a few test emails. It received email. That was just the day before I got the error. If this had happened after months, or years, of using it I would have immediately thought old version. It was the suddenness after having just set it up and  it was working that stumped me.

My wife is an Outlook users. She was using an old version of that. Her computer had been in storage for several months. When she went to read her emails Outlook didn’t work. She was getting that “not secure” email message. I didn’t know there was a fix for that. My thought was to get a newer client that would meet those requirements. Now that we have since started using Windows 10 it was time for a more updated email client anyway.

After trying several other clients, I found eM client. I really like that eM Client imported her Outlook stuff and also her Gmail address book. I was so impressed that I have installed it on my computer as well. Strangely enough she has not received the “not secure” message since I installed eM client. That was another reason I was surprised when I got the error.

Thank you. I think everything will be fine now. I understand where the error came from and I now know the various solutions for it.