Error when receiving from email.[email protected]: A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception.

My EM client was working and then in the middle of the day it stopped receiving incoming email.  When I hit send/receive I get the error “Error when receiving from [email protected]: A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception.”.

I can still send email to people

I just started having the same problem using windows 7 pro

I’m running windows 10

I contacted my service provider and they say the email is working on their server, the problem is something to do with EM client.  They suggested deleting the EM client account and re-entering it but I’m unsure of the authentication password for this account so I don’t want to try that and then be guessing whether the problem is I’ve got the wrong authentication password or something else.

I am using earthlink web hosting and it looks like their pop settings have changed

I tried deleting the EM client account like my service provider recommended it, I could have easily lost all my emails and contacts if I hadn’t been paying attention.  I recreated the account but it made no difference.  I then uninstalled EM client and downloaded version 7 and that has incoming mail working again.  Only problem is I now have 7 copies of all my emails in my inbox and sent folders as I was having trouble importing my old emails where I wanted them.  Is there any way to purge the duplicate emails from my inbox and sent folders?


I’m running Windows 10 and EM Client 6. Just fixed the problem by changing the account settings in EM Client: Click on TOOLS go to Accounts then to the POP3 tab and for Security Policy select Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy), click on OK then Send and Receive and your emails should come in.

Thanks.  I’m running EM client 7 and I don’t like it and would like to go back to version 6

You can download version 6 from the EM Client Download page:- the v6 option is below the version 7 Free Download button in green. Don’t forget to Export your mail files then uninstall v7 prior to v6 installation.

Brian, I finally got frustrated enough with Version 7 I decided to try converting back to version 6 and changing the account settings as you suggested - it worked!  I’m so happy to be back on Version 6, thanks so much!

Version 7 grouped related email messages together and one could delete the whole group but not individual emails in the group.  Also, one could reply to the last message in the group, but not to any other message in the group.  That was a huge frustration for me.

Thanks again!

Hello Priya,
just for information:
the grouping of messages can be disable in Menu>View>Conversations>Disable conversations.
Each message, even in the grouped view, has its own menu in the right corener of the header where you can choose which message you are replying too.

Just in case you ever gave version 7 a try again.


Thanks Olivia.  My EM client 6 did an automatic update this morning and to my annoyance installed EM client version 7.  I disabled the conversations as you instructed and that was my major complaint about EM client 7 so I’ll give it another try.