Error when preparing import: contacts database file is already open .... WLM 2012 to EMC.

On windows 10, I have WLM 2012 installed for a while but it now fails immediately when you try to open it (IRQL BSOD error).  I have downloaded EMC and have imported my account and it is up and running (Thank you!).  When I try to import contacts, I get ‘Error when preparing import: contacts database file is already opened by another program’.  I cannot open WLM to export contacts.  Is there anything else that can be done in EMC to retrieve the contacts or do I have to start from scratch?  Thank you.

Did you try rebooting your PC prior to trying the import?  It looks like WLM, although it has crashed, is still holding the contacts database open.

Thank you, Jay. Yes have I tried shutting down the PC and then restarting and trying the import again as the first thing I do once at the Desktop.  Also, two contacts folders show up in the preview of folders offered by EMC and if I choose either of them the import results in the same error message.  I do not see any WLM process in Task Manager that I know of.  Any other options?

Also get this on W10 20H2 after a clean boot and WLM not running. No problem with WLM crashing in other scenarios however. And no issue with the initial import of emails at the installation of EM Client. All the contacts were imported over without the contents from the Notes field, however.
Doing File=>Import=>Import selected Folders, from the looks of the folder list there is a duplication of a folder name with an unexpected character, so not all is well.

If you have an IMAP or Exchange account setup in eM Client, suggest to either:-

Import the wlm contacts via your webmail (from an exported wlm csv file), which then should sync to eM Client contacts when eM Client connects.

Or export wlm contacts to csv and import directly into eM Client contacts.

The issue with importing from a csv file is that you cannot map the Notes field.

Best option is to sync WLM with a provider who supports the notes contact field, then add that same account to eM Client.