Error - The remote name could not be resolved:'' "

I keep getting an error message now that says … The remote name could not be resolved:‘’ " … and I have applied for the free licence already. Saying something about the vendors server is not accessible.

Hi, how long do you receive this issue?

Do you sit behind proxy or strong firewall?


Hi Jan

Just for the last week.
Just using the standard Win7 firewall and no proxy from what i know or understand.
I am using Avast free internet virus protection.
Thing is I haven’t had this error message ever before until about a week ago.


same error for me as of today

I have replied to you in your original topic.

Thank you for this information, if it was only once then it was problem with licensing server, probably restart or another issue.


Hi, I’m having the same problem. I have tried to turn off my firewall which is from McAfee, but seen like the problem still the same. Pls help how to resolve this.
I have use this for nearly a month but never have this problem before.

Hi, are you receiving the exact same error? Are you using any proxy on your computer?
Can you open your browser and try to access ? If the website is able to load?

Thank you,

How do you know which User Group you have?

That information would have been sent to you when you purchased the Pro License.

I think it is the same for everyone, so you can try User

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