error sending new mails invalid format

I am trying to use the contact list for finding the emailaddresses. I click on “New email” then I click on “To” in order to find a contact. I find the contact and click on the chosen contact so the name and mailadress gets into the to mailaddress field. Then I fill in the rest of the text. However, when I press “Send” I get an error message saying that the email address is invalid. When I write the mailaddress into the emailaddress field directly, without using the contact list I have no problem sending the mail. What is the problem using the contact list for emailaddresses? Regards Gunnar Jonsson

You have a whole lot of spaces after .net in that email address.

It should appear as <> not <                                  >

Open the contact and delete them.

Thank you! It seems that import of Contacts  from a CSV file adds a lot of Spaces.

I use csv import regularly for testing and I don’t experience that problem. What version of eM Client are you using?

It may be that if you open your csv with a spreadsheet, you will see that the spaces are there in the file already. From which application was the export to csv?

I use em Client 7.1.31849.0 and I exported from Windows Live Mail. I have deleted the spaces, so for me the problem is solved.