Error sending and receiving


I have the error below with Outlook. Does anyone else have this issue ?

[IMAP] Known Microsoft Exchange server error “User is authenticated but not connected.” has been encountered on IMAP connection. This issue is temporary and should be automatically resolved by the server. If not, please contact your mail provider.

Exactly what the error says. :wink:

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Normally the automatic email wizard setup works fine and is probably server related as @Gary advised above from your error, but otherwise the below post may also help you from a user in the following thread who used an Outlook website generated app password for that error message.

“Quote below from about thread”.


Nov '22
Posting how I solved this here as nothing in this forum worked for me:

Instead of adding and or Office365 account with the Automatic Setup, enter account details manually (selecting EMAIL->Other), I used these settings:

Incoming server:
Outgoing server:
Password: (Application password generated in your Microsoft Account)

I am having the same problem, I tried your fix but no success, using windows 10 and hotmail.

imap will not sync. smpt says test ok… I am stumped Help!