Error saving attachment files

I received an email with two jpg image attachements. The inline preview is not showing, instead there are generic image icons next to the filenames. When I double-click one of them to view/preview, I get the following error:


What can I do to fix this? Seems quite strange. FWIW, I have a relatively new install of Windows 10, here.

Version of eMC you are running?

Version 8.2.1659 (845a639)

Are both attachments giving you the same error?

You can try re-booting the PC
You can try totally disabling your anti-virus software

Rebooted. No change in error.
I don’t use a 3rd party AV app of any kind. (just the Windows default)
Here’s what the icons look like in the email body:

The file names extension, .jpeg, I have never seen… .jpg is what I am familiar with.

“jpeg” is a valid extension for jpg image file:
Difference Between JPG and JPEG - KeyCDN Support

Regardless, it shouldn’t change file/folder permissions (or whatever is going on here).

As long as you are logged in as Administrator you should have no access problems to your AppData\Local\Temp\eM Client folder. So check that you definitely have admin access.

Also broken images in emails can sometimes be (remote webpage images) that are no longer at the remote URL or changed to new url’s so will show broken in eM Client.

Rightclick on the page and click “View Mail Source” and check the image locations.

Ah, indeed- it seems the images no longer exist in the email. What threw me was the error, which implies there are existing images/files embedded.

Well, at least now we know why. Sorry for taking your time and sunriseal’s on what amounts to a non-issue. I really appreciate the troubleshooting help, though. Cheers

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Close eM Client.

If it is not automatically deleted, delete the C:\Users\Allen\AppData\Local\Temp\eM Client temporary files\ folder. You may have to enable hidden items in Explorer to get there.

Restart eM Client and try again.

Received a 6.05mb mp4 attachment an the progress on opening was rather slow, .so cancelled, and tried Save As. The progress bar was a a little faster, but for a popup download error near the end. The broken file was 4.65 mb, and could play most of the content.
Tried again with drag out to desktop- that was super quick, and the file was good, so obviously evident of some background caching.
At least these days mail servers can handle larger files (20 mbs or more?) - still spooked here, if only from memories of OE in the nineties where a large file could clog the server and brick all the incoming/outgoing traffic, which resulted in you having to contact the site admin. :smiling_face_with_tear: