Error message

Hi, I read a message error each time I open eM, what can I do? Thx Elena.
14:43:20 MailExceptions.OperationException: Upload degli elementi nella cartella ‘’ fallito con un errore: Execution of request failed: ([Line 10, Column 31, element gd:email] g:email/@address is required)

Hi Elena, it seems like one of your contacts is corrupt and can not be accepted by the server, can you please try to repair your contacts folder by right clicking on the “Contacts” folder in your left pane, select Properties > Repair and perform the Repair by using the “Repair” button.

Thank you,

I get this error message when I start up, and I can’t seem to find anything in settings to indicate where the problem is. 

Hello, not really sure what is this referring to, when the error occurs, can you please switch to the log tab, copy the content of the log when the error occurs and submit it to us here for more information as this is a very generic error - are you having any issues while sending/receiving messages? This can be caused by a temporary server connection unavailability that may be restored in couple of seconds automatically.


This is a screen shot of the log.  Hope this helps! 

Hello, it seems like you’re using some security software that is blocking the connection to the server, or is blocking the connection due to using secure ports, I suggest setting up an exception for eM Client in order to allow the application to connect to the server or try to disable the software if the issue persists temporarily.