Error message with download option for offline use

I am using eM Client ver. 7.1.32088.0  (German language); my mails are hosted by and there is a second one called Everything works fine since a year or more now.

When activating the inbox option “download for offline use” I receive the following error message: [IMAP] connection failed. Server not available ore settings incorrect.

This happens to both accounts from different suppliers. Without this option the email download works fine. So, neither the settings nor the server availability can be the reason. A new installation of em Client did not help neither.

I looking forward to receive a solution. Thank you. recommends IMAP port 993. Check that you have the security policy set to Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy) recommends port 143 , which is Use SSL/TLS if available , but you can also try 993 and its security policy as with

I have exactly the required setting as you described 993/use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).
And to be clear: emails are comming in with this setting as long as I do not use the offline option.

Are the emails downloading for offline use despite the error?

There is no clear pattern. Most of the times it is downloding the mail despite the error but sometimes it is not.

I was thinking that if it was working anyway, you could just turn off the error notification. Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Operations Window.

Dear Gary, I must say I am not really happy to ignore error notifications. But yes, it seems it is working anyway. So I will ignore it for now. Thank you.