Error message when importing from Thunderbird 7.0.1

I am trying to import my data from Thunderbird 7.0.1. I get this message:
“An error occurred while trying to import data. Exception thrown during SafeInvoke: Exception has been thrown by a target of invocation.”

I do not want to have to do this manually – I have too many saved emails and contacts. I’ve heard great things about EM Client so hope there is a fix for this.

Hmmm, no help or suggestions??? I am desperate to change email programs, but if support for a new user trying this out is this slow, then I doubt I’d purchase the program … and may have to look elsewhere.

I had some issues with the Thunderbird import too, and I’m monitoring seven email accounts with some 20,000 messages in various places (I don’t empty my inbox very frequently!). I found that the best way to get round this was to export the emails from Thunderbird into .eml files, then to import the .eml files into eMClient. This worked for me every time, and although it was a bit more fiddly, it did allow me to compare the numbers of emails and confirm that I was importing everything. Using the Thunderbird import also gave me some “invalid” emails, which seemed to be almost part-files, rather like the old “missing chain” that used to result from using CHKDSK. Again, the “export to EML, import-EML-files” did not give me this problem, and worked 100% for me.

Good luck - persevere. I’ve found it a great program - their screen design is much cleaner than the Thunderbird one, and I can see things a lot more clearly. I also love the right-hand sidebar, giving details of earlier emails from the same person who is selected in the main screen. Every program has its issues, and we all eventually learn to cope!

we are sorry for the problems. We are continually improving and fixing Thunderbird issues. What version of eM Client do you use?

The newest version of EM Client. I just downloaded it.

Can you please send an email to with reference to your problem? We will send you further instrucions.