Error message relating to licenses and # of accounts

I recently upgraded to Windows 7 (from Windows XP) on my laptop, which is the only computer that has eM Client installed, and I only have one eM Client account. However, every time I open the program, I get this pop-up error message:

“Your license of eM Client is restricted to a maximum of two accounts. Therefore, only two of your accounts are now online.”

How can I stop this error message?

Can you please send us your email address you registered eM Client to?

Are you sure that you have only one account? Please, send us a screenshot about your email accounts.

Do you mean I can only access one email account through the free version of eM Client at a time? I had only registered one email account, but if I can only access two at a time through your program, I will delete the third one which I am not using.

You can use only 2 accounts if it is not PRO version.

I have the same problem

my two e-mail addresses are and

I am also trying to evaluate the sync to service and am not having much luck. Do not have the time to spend a lot of time on forums. Is there a live person that I can speak to to help set this up so that I can get the maximum out of my account during the trial period so I can make an educated decision?

Thank you,

Are you sure you don’t have another address set up in eM Client (e.g. one that is disabled in account settings)? In free version you are restricted to 2 accounts only.

For setting our Sync2eM service up follow instructions at, section Supported devices.