Error message on startup - "ActiveMovie Window: MalClient.exe - Unable to locate component"

I am looking for an Outlook replacement for when I move all my stuff from XP (and Outlook 2003!) to a Windows 7 system.
So I thought I would start out by installing eM on the XP to see if it could import Outlook correctly though I didn’t know ahead of time it didn’t import Notes or Rules.
The import worked fine and the application seemed to be working. However, whenever I start the application I get a Windows Pop-up message:

ActiveMovie WIndow: MailClient.exe - Unable to Locate Component
This application has failed to start because ad2mpegin.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

If I click OK, the app seems to be OK but I don’t want to assume that it is really OK, nor do I want to live with this error message.

Any ideas?

Actually, the problem is worse than I thought. I get the error message whenever a new email arrives and it creates the little pop-up notification.
Not good!

this sounds like the issue is caused by some audio/video codecs and actually not eM Client (it’s shown because eM Client tries to play a sound when receiving a new message, if you go to Tools > Settings > General > Notifications and turn off the sound notifications, it might solve the issue).

So this should not be happening if you upgrade to windows 7.

As to your first question, Notes are not supported by eM client thus can not be imported, you’d have to use a different application for notes, I suggest Microsoft One Note, and Rules are also not imported, but simply because it’s not supported in the import so you have to create the rules from scratch.

I hope this was helpful,
Thank you,

Yes, thanks. Your theory was correct!
If I turned off sound notifications the problem went away. That is good enough for now…

Hi, glad it works now, as I mentioned this should be fine once you move to the newer operating system.

If you have any more issues or questions let us know.

Thank you,