Error: Message is above server limit

This message recurs at every reboot:
[IMAP]Message of size 50.1 MB is above server limit of 34.0 MB.
I have never received or tried to send a msg of that size. How can I permanently remove this?

My guess is this has to do with an attachment. Perhaps your server limit is calculated as email + attachment = total size?

To my knowledge, the largest single attachment I have ever received was 19 MB but I have many attachments in Saved folders. Could this message be cumulative? Is 34 MB the total size limit of my account?

It would appear t me that they are referring to a message you are trying to send.

Any outstanding emails in the OUTBOX?

That question would be best answered via your email host’s web site.

Who is your email host?

Gmail is the host and there is nothing in the outbox. I am truly puzzled.

Can you check for OUTBOX under Local Folders?

Yes, I did. It is empty.

Strange… perhaps time to go to your gmail web site and determine if there is an email in the inbox that is not in your eMC inbox…

viernes 06 agosto 2021 :: 1553hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @ohiogal

Gmail have maximum size limit of 25MB

You will find a whole bunch of stuff for Gmail size limits here.

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


Aha, the other way around. I found an 18.3 MB video in my eM inbox that was not on Gmail. I deleted it and now I am going to reboot. Fingers crossed.

viernes 06 agosto 2021 :: 1618hrs (UTC +01:00)

Please don’t jump to conclusions. You’ll only get wet.

When you send an attached file…
Note that all size limits are based, not on the original file size, but the MIME-encoded copy. The common Base64 encoding adds about 37% to the original file size, meaning that an original 20 MB file would exceed a 25 MB file attachment limit. A 25MB email size limit would require that the size of the attachment file/files are actually limited to about 18.25MB.

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


That fixed the problem, SunriseAl! The eM error message at boot up is gone. I didn’t know that message count did not always equate between the two servers. And thank you, Skybat, for the mathematics. Being a numbers person myself, I appreciate that additional information. Many thanks to you both!