Error message [IMAP] Unable to upload message [OVERQUOTA] mailbox i full

Hello, I’ve been struggling with this error for weeks now and it’s gotten to the point where I’m not receiving any new mail.

[IMAP] Unable to upload message to “…” folder  “Archive…”. ([OVERQUOTA]) Mailbox is full/ Blocks limit exceeded/ Inode limit exceeded.

There are 2 email accounts, i’ve tried archiving the messages for the other email account but it hasn’t made any difference. What can I do?  

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I will assume that you are using gmail.
It sounds like you are trying to archive your normal mail to a folder called archive on the email server and have exceeded your limit of space on the email server.  
From EmClient  move your mouse over the account and right click you should get a pulldown menu
Select properties
Select Quota  and see what it says.
If exceeded then you will need to delete some email from the server. 
You can use the emclient archiver which will copy email from the server to your PC  reclaiming some space on the server.  OR else buy more space on the server.
NOTE on gmail (they are sneaky)  if you have archived to emclient  go to folder “All Mail”  and delete those items that you already archived to emclient offline folder.  They (gmail) dont really purge things 
Hopt this helps

Thank you for the reply, the first email account doesn’t give me the quota option at all, just General. And my account apparently has no storage quota.

This has come up again in my eMClient.  I followed the instructions and the drop down states “no storage limits on this folder”  Annoying.