Error message eM client opens. IMAP cannot open folder (unrecognised extra arguments to SELECT command.

I am getting Error messages when eM client opens. IMAP cannot open folder (unrecognised extra arguments to SELECT command.

John, we are all in the same boat with differing degrees of interruption to service, I personally have moved back onto pop3 until BT’s brain cell starts to work, I logged a call last week, they denied and stil do deny any responsibilty, probably wise to log a call the more complaints the more likely they are to do something about it, POSSIBLY !

This is the response from EM Client a chap called Russel : -

Hello all,

Thank you for reporting the problems with BT mail servers and we’re sorry to hear about it.

Our developers examined the logs of these errors and came to the conclusion that it’s a server issue which can’t be fixed on our side. It seems that the BT updated the feature on their back-end servers but didn’t adapt the proxy servers which report the errors. It seems that BT is continuously changing the settings and that’s why sometimes the account reset helps but later on the issue reappears.

Here I’m re-posting an UNTESTED fix which from one of our customers:

"A bit of research reveals that BT use two versions of mail - BT email and BT Yahoo email.See here!-mail

By logging into the desktop version of BT email you can see which version you have got. It transpires I have BT Yahoo mail. I have set the email up using BT Yahoo settings and it is now working again.Something must have changed on BT’s side. So if you get this query again this should be the solution."



There is a lot of problems with email !!!
Nobody can solve defintely this problem ???