Error message 404

I am new to eM Client and am trying to read through the help document to better understand the ins and out the program. Today I pull up the help, click on new features, click on one of the features (avatar) and I get an error 404 message that the url is not available. I try a different topic and get the same result. There is a lot to learn if I can get to the explanations. Thanks

That link seems ok for me using Edge Chromium & Chrome. Sounds like a “Cache browser problem”.

Suggest to try “clearing your browser cache” and then close and reopen your browser. If still a problem, let us know what browser you are using.

This is the What’s New direct page.’s%20New.htm

Note:- Bear in mind alot of the content info on this page is now different / updated in EM Client V8.

Thanks for the link. It worked great and I am able to go to all of the links. I am still trying to figure out how things work but the “tour” is helping. I appreciate your help.