Error in Google Shared Calendars

Hi. I have found 1 or threads but with no solution. My issue is related to shared calendars and the fact that I am getting an error while trying to sync it. When I see my calendars in a browser, I see all events that have been shared with me.
In eM Client, I see part of them and I get this error:

This can happen when eM Client tries to dismiss reminders on events in a read-only calendar.

Go to the Calendar section of eM Client and right-click on that calendar folder. Choose Properties then untick the Show Reminders option. Click on the Repair tab and choose the Repair option.

Dear Gary,

Thank you very much for your response. The “Show reminders” settings is already unticked.
When I repair or resync this calendar, all events appear and then gradually some of them disappear until I get this error at the end of the process.