Error importing pst files

Whenever I try to import an Outlook 2010 .pst file, I get ‘Error when preparing import: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’

I’ve tried 2 different files, they both give the same result, which is 0 of 4000 [or whatever] items imported.

I see it’s been reported before at least twice, with no answer. Has anybody raised a fault report? I’m not a Pro user - only just joined - and am unlikely to become one if I can’t get my 40,000 mails back :frowning: so can’t do it myself.

Has anybody tried converting the .pst to something else - maybe .mbox? Does that work better?


Hello Androcles,

In which version of eM Client does it happen? 


HI Russel
It’s the latest - 7.2.34711.0 - downloaded a couple of days ago

Hello Androcles,

Send me please the logs from Menu > Tools > Operations to in a .txt file when you try importing again. 


Hi Russel

Well I imported all but one of my files successfully by first converting them to mbox and then
importing - this worked first time in every case.

One file didn’t work because there’s a bug in the libpst software I was using to do the conversion. (I’ve now reported this on github, but I have little hope for a rapid fix).

I’ve just tried importing that remaining pst file to provide your log file, and of course it worked faultlessly! So you’re welcome to the log file, but it contains no errors, and synchronisation is proceeding as you would expect - one folder has been done, the next is happening as I write.

I’m reluctant to try importing the other pst files again as I already have them by the indirect route, and I worry something might go wrong.

Sorry if this has been a waste of your time, but there was definitely a problem first time round… If there’s anything more I can do, let me know.