Error importing .ics file generated by Google


I am trying to import an .ics file exported by google

but I get the following error in eM:

Could not import file “C:\Users…  .ics”: Invalid datetime value. (20140722T090000/20140722T180000). The file will be skipped.

Any hint on this? eM is the latest, I downloaded it about two hours ago.

I have sorted out something: the error is generated by entries in the calendar which are generated by Lotus Notes invitations (and are correctly displayed in google calendar).

Here is the line with the problematic values:

RDATE;TZID=Europe/Amsterdam;VALUE=PERIOD:20140722T090000/20140722T180000,20 140723T090000/20140723T180000

If you think I can send you the whole .ics file

thank you,


Hi Davide,
you can send me the .ics file, but it seems like the event was improperly exported.
You can try to edit the file manually (opening it in a text editor), but unfortunately this does not seem like an eM client issue.

You can send the .ics file for examination to [email protected]

Thank you,