error for default email

I have the problem of default email program. I have win 10 pro 64 bit and i have a pdf program Brother control center 4 that when  I send a scanned file to email program I have the problem of unregistrered default email program on my pc. I have read every post on this problem on this forum but I don’t resolve the question. My situation is:



I don’t find other solution on this forum.
Somebody can help me?

Thank you !!

It may be that there is no default set for MAPI.

In Windows Control Panel. Go to Programs > Default Programs > Set your default programs.

Click on eM Client. Choose Choose defaults for this program.

Choose Select All , and Save.

As you are using Fall Creators Update, you may not be able to do it that way.

You can open the relevant Control Panel page by using WinKey + R, then type in control /name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms /page pageDefaultProgram

Dear Gary, 
my situation is this:

webcal and webcals also if checked them and save, after reload the page are unchecked again. Is this the problem?
Thank You!

Webcal is for accessing iCalendars, so that is not related to the scanner issue. That the settings are not retained is a problem.

Is the MAPI selection being retained as ticked?

Alberto, unfortunately I don’t use the Fall Creators Update, so I am not able to test this for you to determine why there is a problem.

If you have a Pro License, you could open a support ticket and get some technical assistance from eM Client directly. Otherwise, you need to hope that some other members of this forum will reply.

ok, thank you!

I tried eMClient with windows 7. I had the same problem until I changed the “Set Program Access and Computer Defaults” setting. However, this option is not available on windows 10 build 1709 (Fall creators update). Searching on the internet I found that you can activate it with the command “Winkey + R, computerdefaults.exe”. You open the same window as on windows 7. 

But if I select the option “Choose the default e-mail program” and I click ok the option is not saved. 

Now I do not have the PC connected to the scanner and so I can not do some tests, but it could be a starting point to understand what the problem is. 
Probably if we could save this option the scanner program would also work on win 10