Error Downloading Messages to Local Folder - Messages Disappeared

I tried to move a few hundred emails from my Gmail account to a local folder in EM Client. At the end of the operation, an error message appeared informing me that the messages had not been downloaded. Now the messages are neither in my Gmail account or in the local folder on EM Client. Where are they?


You might look in GMail’s All Mail folder. They could be there.

Yes, it looks like they are there. The emails were originally in my Sent folder so now they are mixed up with emails from my Inbox.

How do I access them from EM Client now? There is no All Mail folder that I can see in EMC. Thanks.

The All Mail folder in GMail is just that - all mail. If you view it in the web interface, you will see labels next to messages indicating which folder they are in. Possibly what happened is the labels were stripped from your messages because of the error.

If your account is setup as IMAP in eM Client you should have the All Mail folder in your folder tree.