Error contacting licence server - activation problems

Trying to activate, and repeatedly fails

Now it looks like I cant send or receive either - shame as it was looking so good - don’t make me reinstall outlook.

I get the same error.  Now my trial has expired.

Hello all,

please let me know in the comments what OS are you using?

Russel Markosky,
eM Client

I’m on XP, version 2002, SP3

Any ideas??? Been without email for a few days now

I have the exact same problem. I have tried many times to use my activation code, but the process fails with the dialog shown above. I really like the program, since Windows Live Mail got crippled. I’m using WinXP Home, SP3.

Hi all,

Unfortunately this problem occurs with WinXP OS. This OS is no more supported by Microsoft and the NET Framework doesn’t allow our program to reach our licensing server. You can try updating the NET framework 4.0 from but as this OS is considered obsolete by Microsoft there is little we can do with this issue. 

I can only recommend you updating your OS to newer versions where we can guarantee full compatibility. 

With best regards,
Russel Markosky


Thank you for the reply, unfortunately an upgrade from XP is currently not an option due to the archaic nature of the specialist software used on my laptop.

Thanks once again.

My eM Client was active since 12.2015 and works fine with XP, also connection to licencing server was OK with installed NET Framework. It looks like last eM client update kills himself in XP envirement? Can we expect any workaround from eM client inc. side?

According to them, no.  They will no longer support xp installations.  It is a security issue with the license server.

For who has been using emclient for some time with xp what to do? Surely change your mail client. I’d like to leave a version of xp compatible with emclient in the new version 7.1.xx

I have had huge success running older (terminal based) software on Windows 10 by using the compatibility feature. Another option is to use a virtual machine running XP to run your archaic software, while benefiting from security of the newer OS versions for everything else.

I would say surely change your OS.

Yes, but not everyone for various reasons can change right away. I think this is a bit absurd.

Giorgio, delaying changing the OS for more than 3 years is hardly right away. Unfortunately, even if we are attached to XP for various reasons, it is a bit absurd to expect software vendors to continue supporting their products on XP after so much time has passed since Microsoft abandoned it.

The reality is that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, nor by eM Client. You could find another email client, or you could upgrade your OS. Those are your options.

PS. If you want to change your email client, probably don’t go for Thunderbird; on XP it will no longer update to newer versions. I think you will see this trend often.

For the record, updating WinXP to .NET 4.0 didn’t fix this. Pity as emClient works so much better than Outlook on XP.