Error "Communication with previous instance failed..."

What causes the error “Communication with previous instance failed…” and how do I troubleshoot? Using eM Client v4.0.14479.0 and POP3 with Comcast account.

this happens when eM Client is already running - check it in task manager. It is possible, that eM Client is running in the tray, or was not closed properly.

I have a client running into this error occasionally and I haven’t been able to duplicate it on her machine or mine. The last time it occurred at load as she ran eM Client right after login from a cold boot.

How do multiple instances get started? The latest build we have starts another instance which closes and sets focus to the current instance when I attempt to run another instance.

Check your startup folder - it could be the reason …

Startup folders and registry run keys are not the reason.

I have this problem. I’ve check the task manager but em client is not running (well, nothing named ‘emclient’ or similar).
Nothing in the startup folder.
Help! I can’t open my emails!!

the process in task manager should be named MailClient.exe - please check it once again.

Yes, checked and it’s definitely not running.
I’ve had to reboot my laptop to get back in to my emclient.
Is there a log or config file I could send you that might shed light on this issue?

When it happens again, please run the tool available from… after the conflict happens. It should generate a log file (starting with “eM Client Stack” in your Documents folder) that will help us analyse the problem in more detail. Please send this file to me: Thanks.

Thanks for that, I will do!