Error 507 (Insufficient Storage) with Exchange Account

I cannot send emails with large attachments. They fail with an Error 507 (Insufficient Storage) message. I have seen previous threads stating that this is a server side issue with Exchange. However, this does not make sense because if I send the exact same message through OWA it works fine. I think it is something with the configuration of the account in emclient but I do not know what.

Did anyone from support ever responded to this problem? I’m having the same exact problem on a fresh install of emClient.

This is an error because the size of the file being uploaded exceeds that permitted by the Exchange server’s SMTP protocol. Because Mark managed to send through the web interface does not mean it is a problem with eM Client. It just means that the web interface handles attachments differently than SMTP.

I would suggest you enquire as to what the maximum permitted attachment size is, and not exceed that. You may also be able to alter this, so enquire from your email provider.